This series of three novels in the tradition of Louis L’Amour, or John Jakes, set in Colorado in the 1870s.


Book One

When John Spencer rode his Indian pony down the main street of town, he didn’t expect much of a welcome, but it didn’t matter that much for he wasn’t expecting to stay that long. Within an hour of his arrival he had a price on his head, the army had a warrant for his arrest, and there were bounty hunters on his back trail. And if that wasn’t trouble enough, there were those who were willing to pay any price to make him stay, and others who well determined to make him leave regardless of the cost.



Book Two in the Renegade Series

When Wolf Spencer comes in contact with his former friends and enemies, he soon discovers that his intentions of slipping into town, and leaving just as quickly, have become hopelessly complicated. The promise of a gold discovery on his father’s ranch tempts him to stay, but the threat of arrest is an ever-present possibility. This is the second book in The Renegade series.



Book Three in the Renegade Series

Spence discovers that the death of his parents involves a complicated conspiracy that threatens the existence of his friends and family. He has no choice but to stay and fight, while he tries to discover the true nature of the danger he faces. He quickly finds himself in a battle against overwhelming odds and against an unseen enemy that he has badly underestimated. He is torn between the loyalty he owes to his friends and the temptation of revenge against his enemies. This is the third book in this series.



The Renegade contains the full text of all three books in this series, available to those who want to purchase the entire series at a reduced cost. The Miners, and Rebecca Fox, the next books in the series will be available soon.



Book one in the series

As political conditions continue to deteriorate in the Middle East, Vatican officials urge archeologist John Christopher to accept the position of special envoy to the upcoming peace talks. As a former official at the American State Department, he is familiar with the problems in the region and personally acquainted with many of its leaders. The sudden disappearance of one of Washington’s most powerful congressmen transforms what Christopher expected to be a routine negotiation session into an intricate web of fear, murder and deceit.

Abraham’s Bones is the first novel in a three book series about the Middle East.



Book two in the Abraham’s Bones series

When John Christopher accepted his assignment as the

Vatican's ambassador-at-large to the Middle East, he expected a routine negotiation session, much like the ones he had experienced in the past. He was soon to discover a secret agenda and a mystery that cast its shadow across even the simplest things.

The powerful Cardinals of the curia find themselves in a power struggle with the leaders of the Middle East, as they try to gain political advantage. They quickly discover that the authority of the Throne of St. Peter has met a formidable opponent in an ancient faith bound up in a modern political movement.

The Relic is a story of human emotions; a highly provocative mixture of irony, suspense, and the clash of armies, pagan rituals, passion, pain and enormous faith, all of it set against an apocalyptic atmosphere that will change the world.



There had been little time in Eric's busy schedule for his mother or his younger brother. A new job in a highly completive business left him tense and anxious, and may have contributed to his tragic accident on a rain slick highway. Dying was something Eric had never really thought about, and he certainly wasn't prepared to find himself in a situation as demanding and chaotic as the life he had just left. Michael, Eric's guardian angel, was harassing him, and there were rules he didn't understand. And if his new existence wasn't complicated enough, Eric found himself unexpectedly teamed up with Erin, an attractive young woman, and the type of person he had always dreamed about. Eric Hated Being Dead will warm your heart and amuse you. This short novella is just the right length for a bedtime story or for an early morning commute to work.




Memphis: Investigative reporter Thomas Allard is pursuing the story of a lifetime when he is brutally murdered.

Rome: Someone attempts to kill Ron Cable, the son of the owner of Cable Incorporated, the leading company in the field of industrial automation.

Chechnya: A terrorist catches a plane to America after receiving a phone call.

The Antaeus Factor takes the reader from the lavish homes of Italy’s most powerful citizens, to the police department in Memphis where homicide detective Lori Turner is trying to fit these events into some coherent pattern. From the first page, this novel races forward at a mad pace. Gripping and exciting, the plot unfolds, revealing the frightening specter of cyber terrorism in a world where technology can easily spin out of control.



The stories in this collection vary from whimsical, to outrageous, to downright fun. There are also a couple of scary ones thrown in for your enjoyment. You’ll want to settle back in your favorite chair to read them. I insist that you lock your door before you start to read. You might want to put your feet up in the chair because you can never tell what might be hiding under the furniture.